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Testing NiSi Filters

Those who fall in love with landscape photography will, sooner or later, ask the question: "How can I overcome the limitations of the dynamic range of my camera?" As you know, to overcome the problem I have chosen the use of optical filters, always trying to perfect the absolute highest quality.With this in mind, over the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to test almost all the brands currently on the market and whenever I can, I'm happy to try new products. For this reason I'm really happy to be contacted by NiSi, a Chinese manufacturer of filters with decades of experience in the world of equipment for video, which recently decided to approach the world of photography....

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Fstoppers Reviews the NISI 150mm Filter System

Ultra wide-angle lenses are a staple for landscape photographers but most cannot accept a regular threaded filter due to their protruding front glass elements. As such, photographers need to use a filter box which clamps to the outside of the lens and holds a large glass filter in place. Thus far lenses like the well received Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 have not had many options. That is until I got my hands on this new filter system from NISI.I will preface this review with the fact that I am not a landscape photographer by trade and ultra wide-angle lenses such as the Tamron 15-30mm are not what I would call go-to lenses in my kit. That said, I was recently sent...

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NiSi, Coklin & LEE Filter Review and Comparison

“What filters do you use?” – It’s the question that most landscape photographers ask just after they’ve probed into what camera you’re using. And in the same way as the ongoing “Nikon vs Canon war” (which is amusing to watch in itself!) the so-called brand allegiance is fun to explore when you start asking exactly why a photographer has chosen a particular system . For landscapes, filters can quickly become an essential part of your kit list – and they can be as big an investment for a full set as a very good lens in itself. Rightly so, I must add, as what’s the point in paying £5,000 for a lens to put a piece of cheap plastic in front of...

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NiSi Filters for Time-Lapse Photography

See the NiSi filter system in action! The famous Russian landscape photographor Zweiwei Team make the beauting time-lapse photography with NiSi GND filter,This video was also show in 2014 Photokina and provide by Nisi Company.Nisi Filters are the world's first nano coating square optical gradient filter.

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