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NEW Titanium Alloy UV Filters from NiSi

NiSi Filters has just launched a new range of UV filters with a very unique ring made from a titanium alloy. These filters are incredibly light weight, amazingly stong and look fantastic with the classic titanium silver look on the outside of the ring. The inside has been finished in matte black to avoid any reflection. The glass is Nano coated making it oil, dust and water repellent and is made from lens quality optical glass.They have initially launched the new TI UV Filters is 3 sizes 77mm, 82mm and 95mm.  The TI UV filters are in-stock and available to purchase now.

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NiSi Natural Night Filter for Astro Photography

Capture the Milky Way this astro season with the new NiSi Natural Night Filter now available in both 100x100mm and 150x150mm.An exclusive night filter designed to block wavelengths of light NOT just change the white balance by reducing the spectrum of light and the pollution it causes. Want to see the difference? Check out the video below. Order the NiSi Natural Night Filter now.

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NiSi Filters for DJI Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro Drones

Introducing NiSi Filter kit for DJI Mavic Pro (6-Pack) and NiSi Filter kit for DJI Phantom 4 Pro (6-Pack). With the popularity of the DJI Mavic Pro launched in Australia last year, anyone that has flown a drone will know that ND filters will have a significant impact on shutter speed when filming and they offer a much improved result when filming.   Most drone filters on the market are made from a resin or plastic (even some of the very high end expensive brands) and very few are made from an optical glass and aluminium frame. NiSi Filters's new drone filters include: IR coating - True to life Colour Optical Glass and High Definition Nano Coating and Waterproof coating They...

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The NEW NiSi 100mm V5 PRO Kits are here

The new NiSi 100mm kits are here and now available. The kits have had a refresh with many items in each kit being upgraded.  Each kit features the V5 PRO Filter Holder, new All in One Case and V5 Lens Cap as base contents. Plus an extra filter in each kit. Choose your kit to learn more: NiSi Filters 100mm Starter Kit Second Generation IINiSi Filters 100mm Advanced Kit Second Generation IINiSi Filters 100mm Professional Kit Second Generation II

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Australian Landscape Photographer Jarrod Castaing shares his NiSi Filters Kit

NiSi Filters are proud to have award-winning Australian landscape photographer, Jarrod Castaing, as an official ambassador for NiSi Filters Australia."I'm excited to have the team at NiSi Filters Australia ask me to be an Australian Ambassador. These filters are getting a lot of buzz from photographers for being high quality and excellent value."Jarrod's landscape kit includes the NiSi V5 PRO 100mm Filter System with Enhanced Landscape CPL, a 3 stop ND, 6 stop ND, Reverse GND 0.9, Soft GND 0.9 and his favourite the GND 1.2 (4 stop). Check out Jarrod Castaing Landscape Photography for me details on Landscape Photo Workshops and NiSi. 

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