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NiSi celebrates 2018 with Special Edition Kits (exclusive to Australia & New Zealand)

NiSi Filters Australia are excited to release two brand new 100mm kits to celebrate their second year in Australia - the NiSi Filters 100mm Special Edition Kit and the NiSi Filters Sunrise/Sunset GND Special Edition Kit. NiSi Filters Special Edition Kit includes: V5 Pro with Enhanced Landscape CPL, 4 Adaptor Rings All in one case Natural Night 100x100mm Medium GND 4 Stop 100x150mm ND64 6 Stop 100x100mm ND1000 10 Stop 100x100mm NiSi Filters Sunrise/Sunset GND Special Edition Kit includes: 100mm System hard case (Holds 8 Filters) Reverse GND16 4 Stop 100x150mm Medium GND16 4 Stop 100x150mm Every kit also includes a limited edition booklet called “Be Inspired” featuring photos from our Australia and New Zealand Ambassadors. Available for a limited time only....

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NiSi S5 150mm Filter Holder System now available

NiSi S5 150mm Filter Holder System is HERE. Rediscover the wider world. The NiSi S5 filter holder kit is ideal for landscape photographers who wish to combine an ultra wide angle lens with a filter system. The S5 filter holder system is constructed with aluminium alloy utilising CNC technology. It allows the use of an integrated PRO CPL and 2 150mm filters without vignetting throughout 360 degrees of rotation. It is a new 150mm filter system which includes a multiple model adapter to allow use with selected ultra wide angle lenses. Two Slot Design Applies pressure to the edges of the filter instead of the traditional clip design that holds the front and back surfaces of the filter. Offers better...

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150mm System Kits - Starter, Advance and Professional

NiSi Filters are excited to announce 3 new kits for the 150mm Range - Starter, Advanced and Professional. The kits offer great value over buying the filters separately. All the kits contain filters, a hard case and filter eraser, making it easy to select one of these kits and then buy a 150mm holder to suit your lens. Check them out!

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NiSi releases Medium GND Filters

NiSi Filters have released something between a hard grad and a soft grad. Ideal for landscape photographers, the transition area on the Medium grad is much smaller than the Soft grad resulting in a longer ND area at the top. It will be a great addition to any photographers bag and gives even more options to get a balanced well exposed shot. NiSi are initially launching them in 100mm sizes in 2, 3 and 4 Stops. Medium Grads can be ordered now and will be available in Australia and New Zealand from 24th July.

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150mm Holder for Sony 12-24mm is here!

Sony have launched a great new ultra wide angle lens for their mirrorless range the Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G and NiSi in one of the first filter brands to launch a holder for it. It holds two 150x150 or 150x170mm filters and is designed for rapid mounting and removal from the lens. The new 150mm Holder for Sony 12-24mm is in-stock and available to purchase now.  

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