NiSi Filters for DJI Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro Drones

Introducing NiSi Filter kit for DJI Mavic Pro (6-Pack) and NiSi Filter kit for DJI Phantom 4 Pro (6-Pack).
With the popularity of the DJI Mavic Pro launched in Australia last year, anyone that has flown a drone will know that ND filters will have a significant impact on shutter speed when filming and they offer a much improved result when filming.  
Most drone filters on the market are made from a resin or plastic (even some of the very high end expensive brands) and very few are made from an optical glass and aluminium frame.
NiSi Filters's new drone filters include:
  • IR coating - True to life Colour
  • Optical Glass and High Definition
  • Nano Coating and Waterproof coating
They are also very light and CNC’ed from Aluminium. Check out further details here:

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