NiSi celebrates 2018 with Special Edition Kits (exclusive to Australia & New Zealand)

NiSi Filters Australia are excited to release two brand new 100mm kits to celebrate their second year in Australia - the NiSi Filters 100mm Special Edition Kit and the NiSi Filters Sunrise/Sunset GND Special Edition Kit.

NiSi Filters Special Edition Kit includes:

  • V5 Pro with Enhanced Landscape CPL, 4 Adaptor Rings
  • All in one case
  • Natural Night 100x100mm
  • Medium GND 4 Stop 100x150mm
  • ND64 6 Stop 100x100mm
  • ND1000 10 Stop 100x100mm

NiSi Filters Sunrise/Sunset GND Special Edition Kit includes:

  • 100mm System hard case (Holds 8 Filters)
  • Reverse GND16 4 Stop 100x150mm
  • Medium GND16 4 Stop 100x150mm

Every kit also includes a limited edition booklet called “Be Inspired” featuring photos from our Australia and New Zealand Ambassadors.

Available for a limited time only.

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