Testing NiSi Filters

Those who fall in love with landscape photography will, sooner or later, ask the question: "How can I overcome the limitations of the dynamic range of my camera?" As you know, to overcome the problem I have chosen the use of optical filters, always trying to perfect the absolute highest quality.

With this in mind, over the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to test almost all the brands currently on the market and whenever I can, I'm happy to try new products. For this reason I'm really happy to be contacted by NiSi, a Chinese manufacturer of filters with decades of experience in the world of equipment for video, which recently decided to approach the world of photography. I know, every time we read "made in China" we turn up our noses, and so did I, I must confess.

"Only the dead and the stupid never change their opinion" said James Russell Lowell once. Was he right? Let's find out together.

I must admit that I was really amazed with NiSi, as these filters are really like (if not superior) to the far more popular Lee and Formatt-Hitech, and certainly light years ahead of the amateur Haida, Cokin or Ray Masters filters.

There is still some room for improvement in particular on the Holder, but it still represents a viable alternative to the more famous systems both for quality and price (and remember the possibility of using a polarizer without having to purchase a 105mm one).

In addition, this system allows in fact to use 3 different filters plus a polarizer without vignetting at 16mm, which nowadays is absolutely impossible with any other system on the market! (Including the Lee system that I commonly use)

Therefore, if you are approaching the world of filters or want to switch from an amateur system to a more professional one, I recommend you give serious consideration to NiSi

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