Fstoppers Reviews the NISI 150mm Filter System

Ultra wide-angle lenses are a staple for landscape photographers but most cannot accept a regular threaded filter due to their protruding front glass elements. As such, photographers need to use a filter box which clamps to the outside of the lens and holds a large glass filter in place. Thus far lenses like the well received Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 have not had many options. That is until I got my hands on this new filter system from NISI.
I will preface this review with the fact that I am not a landscape photographer by trade and ultra wide-angle lenses such as the Tamron 15-30mm are not what I would call go-to lenses in my kit. That said, I was recently sent over one of these Tamron 15-30mm lenses and an accompanying NISI filter system for a bit of testing. Before I jump into the filter system, I do want to say a few words about the lens itself.

I personally found the Tamron 15-30mm to be quite a brilliant lens. For a lens of such a wide angle the distortion is really well controlled. It is also incredibly sharp. Whenever I have needed a wide angle option in the past I have defaulted to the 16-35mm f/4 from Nikon and this Tamron lens is visibly sharper in my opinion. I have heard some folks mentioning that the VR seems a bit pointless on an ultra wide-angle lens, and while I somewhat agree that for most photographers who use this lens it may not be the most critical feature, it does work very well. I imagine that it would be an absolutely fantastic option for video if one desired a bit of extra stability in their wide-angle shots. If you wish to read a more in-depth review of this particular lens, I refer you to a review that was written right here on Fstoppers.

As I mentioned, along with the lens I also received the NISI filter system. This system is very similar in design to what you would expect to receive from LEE or Cokin. It essentially comes in two parts. Part one is the filter holder, which is as the name implies, a big clamp that you put around your lens which will hold a set of filters. The filter holder simply slides over the lens and there are two screws located on the collar that tighten it to the body of the lens. Once tightened, the holder is in place and is ready to accept filters.

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